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extra officiating controversy at end of a Thunder-Spurs playoff online game - CBSSports.com

Kawhi Leonard (USATSI) here's no longer a foul? (TNT)

be aware the craziness at the end of game 2 when a handful of overlooked calls took place between the Oklahoma city Thunder and San Antonio Spurs? The end of video game 5 in San Antonio wasn't reasonably as unhealthy, however we still had one more officiating mistake that might also have cost the Spurs a real opportunity at tying the video game and forcing beyond regular time. The Spurs will likely be the first ones to tell you they gave away too many chances smartly earlier than the game obtained to this element, however the NBA's officers are going to take one more tongue lashing on this one.

With the Thunder up one and in possession of the ball, Dion Waiters (nevertheless inbounding) discovered Russell Westbrook coming toward the close nook. Westbrook caught the ball and started dribbling faraway from defenders. Kawhi Leonard, who changed into guarding Westbrook, then wrapped his comically huge palms in every single place the Thunder safeguard to stop the play and ship OKC, simplest up one at this factor, to the foul line with about 8.5 seconds left.

The only difficulty for the Spurs right here is the refs failed to name the obvious foul. in its place, Westbrook saved enjoying unless he heard a whistle, and drew a foul at the rim on LaMarcus Aldridge. Westbrook scored the bucket, made the free throw and gave his team a four-point lead, which effortlessly ended the video game.

It turned into fairly clear Westbrook should've been going to the road with a one-factor lead, and even with two made free throws, the Spurs would've nonetheless been inside one possession.

this is a beautiful egregious missed call and the even-keeled Spurs must be pissed off with it, despite the fact that they won't come out and throw a fit about it.

"He fouled him," Spurs instruct Gregg Popovich stated following the online game. "it's relatively evident that he fouled him. now and again you get a name; every now and then you do not. tough game."

which you could inform from this different angle just how obvious the foul on Leonard changed into.

The Thunder now lead three-2 within the series heading back to Oklahoma metropolis.

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