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Register Your own .game domain - pc journal

neglect that boring .com domain; now any individual can register a domain with the new .video game area.


Are you setting up a domain in your online game? forget that boring .com domain; now any one can register a website with the brand new .online game domain.

Uniregistry this week released the content-specific extension, geared toward—you guessed it—the gaming group.

virtually each leading company already snagged their .game area throughout Uniregistry's early trademark enrollment duration. Blizzard enjoyment, for instance, catalogued its comprehensive listing of titles, together with Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo, and Heroes of the Storm; it also snatched up game, in time for the new multiplayer experience's launch.

"We're excited to convey .video game to the web," Uniregistry managing director Frank Schilling talked about in an announcement. "And we're certainly glad to peer the early adoption of the identify by means of the realm's main gaming agencies."

it's no longer just online game makers acquiring .game domains: Apple bought game,, and; Microsoft picked up; and Sony Interactive registered game.

Even folks working within the industry are getting in on the action. Georgia Van Cuylenberg, voice actor in the remaining fantasy, megastar Wars, and PayDay 2 gaming franchises, grabbed (which redirects to her IMDb web page). "Voice appearing for video games is an essential a part of my performing career, and a specific area…offers me the capability to express and showcase my degree of dedication and keenness for the gaming business," she noted.

Domains like game,,, game, game, game, and game are additionally taken. Most sites, youngsters, don't appear to be reside yet.

involved parties can seek advice from game for extra details on the brand new area name, purchasable now worldwide.

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